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DACC jointly develops human resources to develop a smart city.

PMU-B together with depa and 15 alliance agencies join hands to develop manpower

(Human resources, Brainpower) for Thailand to be a center of new knowledge in the digital age.

On November 1, 2022 At Hall 3-4 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

PMU-B together with DEPA and partner agencies was held a signing ceremony under the MOU on human resource development (Human resources, Brainpower) and Smart Lifelong Learning (Upskill, Reskill, New Skill) development to drive the development of Smart City and Creative. Economy in the area to cover sustainably.

Along with Mr. Newin Chochaitip, Assistant Minister for the Ministry presided over the ceremony and senior executives of the Ministry of DE attended the ceremony. As a result of the 20-year national strategic policy that focuses on the development of livable cities, The Digital Economy Promotion Agency accepted the aforementioned policies to develop and therefore agreed to jointly prepare a memorandum of cooperation, both government agencies, academic departments and the private sector, amounting to 15 agencies as follows

1. Digital Economy Promotion Agency

2. PMU-B

3. Administration and Capital Management Unit for Area Development (SAM)

4. Khon Kaen University

5. Office of Academic Services, Khon Kaen University

6. Cultural arts center, Khon Kaen University

7. Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University

8. The Asia Foundation

9. Miracle Inspire Co.,Ltd.

10. Telly 360 Co., Ltd.

11. Siam Inno City Co., Ltd.

12. Code Combat (SEA) Co., Ltd.

13. Poly Leaf Number 9 Co., Ltd. (Getbeat.Asia)

14. Cyberex Design Co., Ltd.

15. Sable Company Limited

Every department aims to develop manpower and develop platforms to facilitate the development of knowledge for manpower to meet the needs of the targeted industries with real problems from the industry, and also creating an ecosystem to access learning into the professional field in a short time. By unlocking time, place and age limitations and opening opportunities for access to learning for the entire workforce in Thailand. APEC currently has 21 member economies, a combined population of about 2.5 billion people (approximately 42% of the world's population), and a combined gross domestic product of over $18 trillion in 2001, and more than 69 percent of international trade in Thailand is with APEC members. Therefore, the development of manpower that meets the target industry Therefore, it is a part of building the economic development mechanism of Thailand and other countries that are members of APEC.

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