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PMU-B discussed ways to develop manpower in coding with private companies and the Asia Foundation.

On December 7th , 2022, at Waghor 2 Conference Room, 14th floor, Chamchuri Square Building. PMU-B led by Prof. Dr. Sompong Klainonsuang, Director of PMU-B, Asst. Prof. Dr. Poonsak Kosiyaporn, Assistant Director of the NSTDA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rina Phatharanon and Ms. Chaturapron Chokphukhiao, Chairman of the Cluster Coordinating Committee, PMU-B and project analysts discuss ways to develop manpower in Coding with Mr. Isaret Prachitmutita, President of Programmers Association of Thailand and CEO of Sable Co., Ltd. and Khun Kitprasert Nopparat, Country Manager, Thailand of Code Combat (SEA) Co., Ltd.

In this regard,the need for manpower production guidelines and the future of the job market for professional programmers that can be connected to the needs of the private sector (demand) is discussed, which is directly related to coding, focusing on the issue of creating a 2-year curriculum through the sandbox process that can produce quality personnel with the ability to cover all aspects of the job market. There is also a presentation of innovative learning media in the form of a game called Code Combat, which has a gameplay based on coding, stimulate learning based on the Learning by Playing concept, which is suitable for interests and an effective use of free time, which may be able to extend to a career path as a programmer in the future. This will open up more opportunities for interested people to access in order to promote and develop the manpower production system from vocational institutes into the job market as an alternative and entering the job market that is important to drive the country forward.


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