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PMU-B traveled to give a lecture and presented the criteria for supporting research funding of PMU-B

PMU-B were welcomed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Narin Chansri, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and researchers, which is considered the core of public health that will be an important part in driving to become an educational institution that supports the needs of both the public and private sectors including pushing for a community pharmacy that will result in being able to drive in the field of community medicine as well as pushing to become a Medical Hub, a herbal treatment center, especially at the ASEAN level.


Later, the Faculty of Social Sciences also listened to the presentation of the research problem by researchers of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Khon Kaen University on "Traditional medicine meets Artificial Intelligence" that has applied AI to help in the field of data and organizes the data into a set of algorithms consisting of scientific names, plant names, essence names, active ingredient structure and pharmacological effects by bringing AI to cut across, linking with pharmacology to be able to drive a leap forward in the future.

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