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PMU-B travels to meet the research community to xchange guidelines for research development and fund

On January 26th , 2023, PMU-B led by Prof. Dr. Sompong Klaynongsuang, Director of PMU-B, along with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rina Phatharanon and Ms. Jaturaporn Chokphukeo, chairman of the coordinating committee. Cluster, PCM and the group participated in the research seminar project. Mahasarakham University Fiscal Year 2023 at the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Creative Arts Sarakham University Maha Sarakham Province, with Associate Professor Dr. Prayap Sriwilai, President of Maha Sarakham University and professor Dr. Anongrit Khangkhaeng, Vice President for Infrastructure Development, Research and Innovation give a welcome.

On this occasion, Prof.Dr. Sompong Klainongsuang, Director of PMU-B, honored to be a guest speaker on "Policies and Guidelines for Supporting Research Funds of the PCL" by presenting the role of the PCL in supporting research funding, driving front-line research and infrastructure, including creating a network between researchers in the form of a consortium, which PMU-B has supported research grants that are in accordance with the national strategy for the year 2023-2027 in strategy 3, development of science, technology, research and innovation at the forefront of advancement novel to create new opportunities and readiness of the country and Strategy 4: Development of human resources and scientific institutions research and innovation as a base to drive economic development and society in a leapfrog and sustainable manner. In addition, there was also an exchange of opinions and suggestions among administrators, faculty members and researchers from Mahasarakham University to be used in the extension and development of research to meet the needs of the country in the future.

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