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Consortium SHA Meeting

PMU-B jointly develops manpower to support the Thai film industry to the world stage, Phase 1

On August 24th , 2022, Dr. Worajitr Setthaphan, Deputy Director of the PMU-B and team attended the 6th Kaen Film Festival, KAEN FILM FESTIVAL KHONKAEN UNIVERSITY 2022.

Organizing the Kaen Film Festival this time There were 61 teams participating in the short film teaser competition under the theme of "Naga", from both Thailand and Laos, with Dr. Worajitr Setthaphan, Deputy director of the PMU-B, honored to present the award to teams selected by the committee, the amount is 10,000 baht/team, a total of 20 teams.


In addition, on August 25th , 2022, the PMU-B co-organized the Consortium for Advance Research in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts (SHA) and a workshop to create knowledge in writing research proposals (Research proposal), supporting the development of manpower for the Thai film industry, ready to push the Thai film industry to the world stage, led by Dr. Worajitr Setthaphan, Deputy Director of the PMU-B, along with Mrs. Chaturapron Chokphukhiao, Chairman of the Cluster Coordinating of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Artificial Intelligence (Frontier SHA/AI) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rina Patramanon, Chairman of the Frontier Technology Research Cluster Coordinating Commitees, were joint speakers in this training forum.


This training has more than 20 participants, such as university professors, famous film director such as Mr. Thanit ‘Pued’ Jitnukul and actor Mr. Phairoj Sangvaributr, as well as private sector partners in film making from the Lao People's Democratic Republic such as Lao New Wave, Laos. art media.


On this occasion, Dr. WoraJitr on behalf of the PMU-B, presented the policy and guidelines for supporting research funding. for manpower development and research at the forefront in the humanities, social sciences, and arts (SHA), including the strategy of the (draft) science plan Research and Innovation for 2023-2027 and the budget year plan for 2023-2027 of the PMU-B, which is one of the creative industries that have a low economic value compared to other groups by giving a way to drive the Gig Economy (an economic system arising from occasional jobs) or work that has been hired and finished) in Thailand and the way to create frontier research and manpower development of the SHA-SOFT POWER DESC at the level International Collab Creative Content with Brainpower is the National Platform for Creative Economy Manpower. This will be able to push and develop in the level of Globalized Creative Content in the future.


After that, Ms. Chaturapron and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rina organized group activities between the participants. In order to create a body of knowledge in writing a research proposal to develop the Consortium to drive the future film industry in Thailand.





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