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The 6th Kaen Film Festival, 2022

PMU-B was honored by Khon Kaen University become a sponsor in the 6th Kaen Film Festival

KAEN FILM FESTIVAL KHONKAEN UNIVERSITY 2022 to support the Thai film industry to the world stage Phase 1

On August 28th , 2022, Ms. Chaaturaporn Chokphukhiao, Chairman of the Cluster Coordination Group in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Artificial Intelligence Technology (Frontier SHA/AI) and the Director of the Cluster Coordination Office, was the representative participated in the 6th Kaen Film Festival, 2022 at FF Cinema Theater (2), 5th floor, Central Khon Kaen Shopping Center. There were many well-known book directors from Thailand and Thai celebrities and Laotian celebrities attending the event.

At 1 PM

- There is a short film contest. 20 teams that have passed through the finals, starting with a screening of 20 short films from the 20 teams that have passed the final round. Movies that the team produces in less than 5 minutes must be in accordance with the genre or genre that the organizer randomly gives. The film genres in the competition consisted of Drama / Action / Comedy / Sci-fi / Horror / Thriller / Musical for the committee to consider and select the winners at this Khan Film Festival.

At 5 PM

– Actors and distinguished guests walk to attend the red carpet event, which consists of Film directors, artists, actors, models, models from both the Thai side and the Lao People's Democratic Republic project sponsor, both networks from public and private sectors in Khon Kaen province, with Assoc. President of Khon Kaen University presided over the ceremony together with the government of Khon Kaen Province and representatives from the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

At 8 PM

– Entering the award announcement period for the short film contest

The results of the award ceremony are:

- 1st place prize, prize money worth 100,000 baht

The winning team is the NA KHON PICTURE team from HAPPY BIRTH DAY (Drama).

- 1st runner-up prize money worth 50,000 baht

The winning team is the Pha Hom Production team from the movie Rent (Horror).

- 2nd runner-up prize money worth 30,000 baht

The team that received the award was two matches from the story "Ma Der Khwan Aei" (Musical).

The 6th Cann Film Festival is full of manpower development in the film industry throughout the organizing of the Huajai Kaen Short Film Contest, between August 24th – 28th , 2022. It was found that there were many people who were interested and participating in the contest, both the general public, researchers and students participated in the competition, both Thai and Lao PDR have the skills and knowledge to produce movies within a short period of time and are able to solve immediate situations very well. It also stimulates the economy in Khon Kaen province. This is considered an important step in the development of manpower in the film industry both in Thailand and Lao PDR in order to drive the country's film industry steadily and strongly in the future.


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